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New Worlds Emerge- an exhibition about video games

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday
Open from 10:00 to 18:00


Entrance: Tickets can be bought  at Billetlugen
DKK. 90,- incl ticket fee
Young  (0-17 år)
DKK. 50,- incl ticket fee
Groups (15-20 persons) 
DKK 1500,- incl ticket fee

Tickets can be bought in the entrance for a DKK 5,- fee for adults 

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+45 3329 8000

NEW WORLDS EMERGE are about video games, the creation of new virtual worlds and the unique experiences that arise when the games' imaginative and seductive scenarios unfold.

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Get behind the scenes 
In the recent years, a number of Danish game studios have brought Denmark and Danish produced games on the international world map. Games such as Subway Surfers, Hitman, Inside og Deep Rock Galactic are famous worldwide.

Gaming for all age groups that bringing people across the globe together in new forms of community based on the games' alluring worlds.

The exhibition takes you behind the scenes and takes a closer look at what is done before the games you see. How do you create a new world you feel like immersing yourself out of nowhere? How do the games combine sounds and visual elements into moods, that make players get lost for hours?
How does the creative designer build cool game characters? What considerations lie behind the game's design and aesthetics - and not at least - why are we drawn to these imaginative constructions?


Figment2_CreedValley_KeyArt_BedtimeDigitalGames (2).jpg Figment2_CreedValley_KeyArt_BedtimeDigitalGames (2).jpg DRG_TheBoardGame_Wallpaper_Scout_3840x2160_LOGOS.jpg DRG_TheBoardGame_Wallpaper_Scout_3840x2160_LOGOS.jpg

The exhibition New Worlds Emerge provides insight into sketches, considerations and the underlying work with the development of video games.

In collaboration with a number of famous Danish game studios New Worlds Emerge perspectives new forms of innovation, empathy and human relationships seen through the games' vastly different filters.

New Worlds Emerge celebrates the video game's unique dimension and is a tribute to the Danish gaming world in 2022!

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