July 13-14



Halmtorvet 11
1700 København


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Do you love sneakers too? Then you can't miss out on this year's biggest sneaker event at Øksnehallen on July 13-14. Copenhagen Sneaker Days is a total experience that for two days focuses on sneakers as a cultural phenomenon, style icon, and collection object. You can look forward to a huge program with something for everyone!

Sneakers are one of the most significant cultural expressions of our time. Your sneakers make a statement! Always moving towards new looks, records, technology, and communities.

Step into a world of sneakers, see some of the rare Danish collections, and explore sports advertisements throughout the history. Meet Denmark's leading sneaker stores and brands, YouTuber Mathias Ong, and collectors from across the country. Clean or customize your own sneaks with Karls Kicks and participate in creative workshops, activities, and competitions.

Copenhagen Sneaker Days will be the largest event in the North for everyone who shares a love for sneakers.


Stay tuned - the full program is coming soon. Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

- Sneaker sales
- The history of sneakers
- Sneaker collections
- Meet-and-greets
- Competitions, etc.
- Workshops (customize your sneakers, etc.)
- Physical activities – basketball, etc.
- Hang-out/lounge area
- and much more...

See you there!