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Not able to find the information you were looking for? See our FAQ box here, where we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also more than welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

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What are the access conditions like in Øksnehallen?

There is a front and back entrance to Øksnehallen. Dimensions: W:255, H:315. Side gates can be opened by appointment during goods delivery/pickup. The side gates may not be opened during the event.

What is the height limit of constructed objects/feature pieces in Øksnehallen?

The maximum allowable height is 370 cm. Each individual fair organiser sets the height limit for the fair in question.

How can I hang up banners or other material?

You can hang the material from Øksnehallen’s profile tubes, and additional tubes can be installed in the ceiling for hanging.

What are the dimensions of Øksnehallen’s column bases?

The column bases have two different sets of dimensions: W:60, D:60, H:70 and W:72, D:60, H:70 cm.

Where can I park my vehicle?

Loading/unloading is allowed in the streets around Øksnehallen and Øksnehallen’s forecourt. Once the goods have been unloaded, you can park your vehicle in the local car park by driving down the ramp from Ingerslevsgade. The staff at Øksnehallen’s reception desk can provide more information.

When is the earliest time I can arrange for materials for my stand to arrive?

In the agreed timeslot stated by the fair organiser. Remember to label materials with the name of the event, stand number and contact information.

When is the latest I have to remove the materials from my stand?

In the agreed timeslot stated by the fair organiser. Remember to label materials with the name of the event, stand number and contact information if the materials are being picked up by a carrier.

Can I store materials at my stand?

Empty packaging may not be stored by the stand due to fire safety considerations. You can order storage space, however.

What kind of lighting does Øksnehallen have?

The hallways have standard ceiling lighting. We recommend ordering a spot light for your stand.

Does Øksnehallen provide overnight power supply?

Yes, and electricity you order includes overnight power supply.

Does Øksnehallen provide WiFi/wireless internet?

Yes. You can obtain the WiFi password from the reception desk at Øksnehallen.

Can I use forklifts or trucks in Øksnehallen?

Øksnehallen’s staff are the only ones permitted to use forklifts and trucks. You can order such assistance if required.

What are the floor characteristics of Øksnehallen?

Øksnehallen has a grey stone floor that is able to absorb dyed fluids, paint, oil, citrus, etc.

What types of stand walls are used in Øksnehallen?

The fair organiser for each fair decides what types of walls will be used. Øksnehallen’s standard stand walls come in rolls of W:100 x H:370 drop paper banners, which are hung on 6 mm profile tubes.

Does Øksnehallen have a security alarm?

Øksnehallen’s gates and entrances are secured with an alarm outside the hall’s opening hours.

Who do I contact for help or orders when I am in Øksnehallen?

Contact the production office to the right of the back entrance to Øksnehallen.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own food and beverages for yourself and your assistants at the stand.

Am I permitted to sell or provide tasting samples to visitors?

Food and beverages sold from the stand may not be consumed in Øksnehallen. Tasting samples may be provided under the following guidelines: Food: No more than 30 g. Beverages: No more than 10 cl.