Sustainability at DGI Byen

Organic Cuisine Label

DGI Byen is actively involved in efforts to encourage sustainable use of global resources.

In the beginning of 2021 DGI Byen was Green Key certified. This means that we meet the strict environmental requirements in many parts of DGI Byen. You can read more about this on this website.

DGI Byen’s other efforts relating to sustainability:
- We are phasing out all plastic packaging and aim to increasingly only use sustainable, biodegradable or reusable packaging
- We exclusively use seasonal ingredients in our food
- We use local suppliers to the greatest extent possible
- We try to produce as much of our own food (i.e. the food we serve) as possible 
- We do not offer products such as foie gras and genetically modified products
- We do not use products that do not meet sound ethical standards

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