Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District (Kødbyen)

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CPH Hotel is located in the heart of Copenhagen and adjacent to the city’s old Meatpacking District, which was home to a large number of butcher shops and other meat industry businesses up until only a few decades ago. Today, the Meatpacking District is one of Copenhagen’s hippest neighbourhoods, and the butcher shops’ new neighbours are creative types working with art and culture.

The Brown Meatpacking District (Den Brune Kødby), which is the closest of the three to CPH Hotel, has theatres, community centres and art schools for children. In the Grey Meatpacking District (Den Grå Kødby) along the streets of Staldgade and Slagtehusgade, you can also find theatres, art exhibitions, galleries and an abundance of creative and micro food businesses. Finally, the White Meatpacking District (Den Hvide Kødby) is home to innovative enterprises and restaurants, shops, cafés and clubs for every preference.

You can find more information about the restaurants in the Meatpacking District here, and be sure to check out our recommendations below to some of the other interesting places in the local area - unless you want to discover it all on your own, of course. Be sure to also look into whether there are any ongoing events or festivals in the area. You are always welcome to ask our staff for helpful advice and recommendations on what to do or visit in the local area.

Art and theatre in the Meatpacking District

-Galleri Bo Bjerregaard . This well-established gallery arrived in the Meatpacking District in 2007. It features international contemporary art from Europe and America, primarily focusing on paintings and occasionally sculptures, photography, video art and installations.

-Galleri V1. V1 was one of among the first galleries to open in the Meatpacking District - back in 2002 - and features established and up-and-coming art and artists who interact with society through different mediums of artistic expression.

-Husets Teater. A charming theatre with an intimate atmosphere by Halmtorvet with intense drama shows inspired by the German tradition.

-Teater S/H. Experimental theatre, a stage for theatre, arts and politics that delves into current social and political topics across genre and form.

Shops and innovative enterprises in the Meatpacking District

-Kødbyens Høker. Enjoy the atmosphere, freshly baked organic bread and a cup of affordable coffee on the benches by this little bakery, located right in the middle of the Grey Meatpacking District’s morning hustle and bustle.

-Kødbyens Is. Hand-made and organic ice lollies with a taste of heaven and designed to be eye candy as well.

-Prolog/Nibble. Hand-picked coffee beans, expert baristas and a world of magazines about food in every conceivable combination.

-Space10. A research and design lab working on improving life for people and the planet. Visit the open gallery or join an event.

Music and nightlife in the Meatpacking District

-Jolene Bar. An unpretentious and spacious night club with great DJs.

-Mesteren & Lærlingen. A charming old - yet updated - butcher’s dive bar where you can enjoy a beer, listen to good music and join a pub quiz.

-NOHO.  Drink up at the Friday bar, do some social dining or just enjoy their wonderful cocktails and detailed decor.

-Råhuset. A small music venue with a broad repertoire for underground bands and small festivals with rock, jazz, world music, electro, punk, hip hop and classical.

Folkehuset Absalon

There is much more to Copenhagen’s Vesterbro area than the Meatpacking District, of course. For instance, you could drop by Folkehuset Absalon, which has social dining every single night as well as other fun events such as table tennis, board games, exercise-based activities, cinema and boy band quizzes.

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