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There are lots of reasons to hold your next big event in one of our halls, such as DGI Byen’s central location in the heart of Copenhagen.

With over 1,000 square metres of floorspace and room for 1,400 people, the Athletics Centre (Idrætshuset) is our biggest hall. It can accommodate anything from major conferences with international keynote speakers to luxurious second-hand markets. Our other halls - the Meeting Hall, Gymnastics Hall and Sports Hall - can accommodate between 150 to 440 people. The halls are all located within DGI Byen, allowing you and your guests to take your breaks at the bowling alley, the pools at our swimming facility or at our relaxing café.

You are always welcome to contact us about booking enquiries for one of our halls. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

Not able to find the information you were looking for? See our FAQ box here, where we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also more than welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

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Are visitors allowed to bring food and beverages into the halls?

You are allowed to bring a water bottle into the hall in connection with a training session. You are also allowed to bring a packed lunch into the lobby area by the café. For food and beverages in connection with the event, send an enquiry to DGI Byen.

Is it possible to bring our own stage and stage equipment to the halls?

DGI Byen is the supplier of all technical equipment for events held in the halls. Contact us to find out more.

What associations provide training and instruction at DGI Byen?

Visit our “Associations" page to find out more.

What sports can I play/practice at DGI Byen?

Visit our “Associations” page to find out more.

Is playing music in the halls allowed?

There is a music centre installed in every hall, and you can connect your phone or tablet to it. You also have the possibility to connect a single microphone to the system.

Is the use of resin allowed in the halls?

The use of resin or any other adhering agents is not allowed in the halls.

Are there changing rooms available in connection with sports activities?

There are changing rooms available when training in the halls.

Is it possible to store goods at DGI Byen in connection with an event that is being held there?

Generally, it is not possible to store goods att DGI Byen before and after events, and they should be dropped off/picked up within the timeframe the halls have been booked. We do not accept liability for the loading/unloading of goods.

Is parking available at DGI Byen?

Parking is available at the local car park as well as the open area by the sports halls. You book and pay for your parking spot through an app and not DGI Byen.

Can my association apply for timeslots at DGI Byen?

Non-formal adult education associations (in Danish: Folkeoplysende foreninger) can apply for training timeslots via the City of Copenhagen’s Associations Portal.

Can my association rent hall times on a seasonal basis?

It is possible to make agreements on regular weekly training sessions over the course of the season. Contact us here.

Is it possible to rent tables and chairs at DGI Byen?

Yes. Contact us here.

Is indoor footwear mandatory in the halls?


It is possible to rent lockers at DGI Byen?

Yes. Associations that train regularly at DGI Byen can rent lockers located in the Association Room (Foreningsrummet) and Shooting Range (Skytterummet).

Is there a jumping pit in the Gymnastics Centre (Gymnastikhuset)?


Is it possible to set up walls/boards for indoor football in the Sports Centre (Idrætshuset)?

Yes, if agreed in advance with DGI Byen. Contact us here.

Is it possible to rent/borrow rackets, bats and balls at DGI Byen?

Yes. You can rent these at the Ticket Sales office by the Swim Centre (Vandkulturhuset).