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Not able to find the information you were looking for? See our FAQ box here, where we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also more than welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

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How do I cancel my PBS Supplier Service (direct debit subscription) membership?

You can cancel your PBS membership at any time with a notice period of the current month + 30 days. You should send a written notice of your cancellation by e-mail to . Please be sure to include your membership number and name. You will receive a confirmation of your cancellation by e-mail. In cases where it is not clear whether you cancelled your subscription, you must be able to prove beyond doubt that you made the cancellation by supplying the confirmation e-mail from DGI Byen.

Can I pay by Mobilepay at the ticket office?


What are the free admittance criteria for the Swim Centre (Vandkulturhuset)?

Children under the age of two as well as companions with a companion card.

We are a school/business. Do we have to pay at the ticket office or can we have the invoice sent to us?

We can send you an invoice. This requires that you register a member profile in our booking system, however. Contact us to find out more at .

Can I pay via EAN?

Yes, but this requires that you register a member profile in our booking system. Contact us to find out more at .

Can my association apply for timeslots at DGI Byen?

Non-formal adult education associations (in Danish: Folkeoplysende foreninger) can apply for training timeslots via the City of Copenhagen’s Associations Portal

Can my association rent hall times on a seasonal basis?

You can rent halls by the hour, but you also have the option to book a hall for the same fixed timeslot (depending on availability). Send a booking request through our booking system

It is possible to rent lockers at DGI Byen?

Yes. Associations that train regularly at DGI Byen can rent lockers located in the Association Room (Foreningsrummet) and Shooting Range (Skytterummet).

Are visitors allowed to bring food and beverages into the halls?

You are allowed to bring a water bottle into the hall in connection with a training session. You are also allowed to bring a packed lunch into the lobby area by the café.

What associations provide training and instruction at DGI Byen?

Visit our “Associations” page to find out more.

What sports can I play/practice at DGI Byen?

Visit our “Associations” page to find out more.

Is playing music in the halls allowed?

There is a music centre installed in every hall, and you can connect your phone or tablet to it. You also have the possibility to connect a single microphone to the system.

Is the use of resin allowed in the halls?

The use of resin or any other adhering agents is not allowed in the halls.

Is indoor footwear mandatory in the halls?


Is there a jumping pit in the Gymnastics Centre (Gymnastikhuset)?


I have signed up for an association team. How do I get access to the swim centre?

You will receive an access card from your association. The card gives you access to the instructional pool in the timeslot indicated on the card. You can enter the changing rooms 30 minutes prior to the swim class and up to 15 minutes after the class has begun. The access card is personal.

I would like to watch my child’s swim class. How can I do that?

You can buy a spectator ticket for DKK 25 at the ticket office. The ticket gives you access to watch the class from the edge of the pool, but it does not give you access to the pool (i.e. you cannot go in the water with a spectator ticket).

I want to go swimming while my child/grandchild is taking their class. Is that possible?

Yes. Simply buy a standard ticket or ticket coupon at the ticket office.

I have signed up for an association group. Can I swim before and after my training?

You are not allowed to use the pools before and after your training slot, i.e. the timeslot indicated on your access card, unless you have purchased a supplementary ticket. If you would like to use the pools in the Swim Centre before and/or after your training, you must purchase a supplementary ticket. A supplementary ticket costs DKK 25 and can be purchased at the ticket office when you arrive.

I have lost/forgotten my association access card. What should I do?

If you forget your card, you will be required to pay the full admittance price (DKK 65 per adult and DKK 45 per child), after which you will be refunded the ticket price - minus a DKK 10 administration fee - the next time you bring your access card and ticket. If you have permanently lost the card, you should contact your association and ask for a new one to be sent to you. This comes with an administration fee of DKK 50.