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Application for film and photo shoots in DGI Byen

If you wish to shoot film or photos at DGI Byen, please submit the relevant form to

Form for TV and film shooting (PDF)

Form for photo shooting (PDF)

Terms and conditions for film, TV and photo shooting at DGI Byen

By signing the application form, you accept our standard terms and conditions for film, TV and photo shooting:

1. Permissions may only be granted by DGI Byen Marketing & Communications.

2. The footage may only be used for the stated purpose, which must fall under one of the following categories: TV drama, film or editorial purposes.

3. Footage of concerts and performances on behalf of the artist/performer may only be used on the artist’s/performer’s own social media if they are published with mention of the specific event at DGI Byen and provided DGI Byen has approved the footage.

4. It is at all times the responsibility of the media/production company to comply with applicable rules relating to sponsored content on social media.

5. The media/production company shall compensate DGI Byen for all expenses for wages, material consumption, power and cleaning that DGI Byen determines have been incurred by the shooting.
6. The media/production company agrees to comply with DGI Byen’s rules of conduct as well as the special guidelines for shooting in swimming facilities and to follow any instructions given by DGI Byen’s staff. DGI Byen reserves the right to terminate the shooting at any time if they are causing more disruption to guests than assumed or if DGI Byen determines that other conditions make it necessary to do so. In the event that DGI Byen terminates the shooting, the production company/media cannot hold DGI Byen liable or refuse to compensate DGI Byen for the expenses incurred up to that point.

7. The media/production company assumes total liability for any damages or injuries directly or indirectly arising from the shooting, and the media/production company agrees to grant DGI Byen full exemption of liability for any losses or claims that may be raised against DGI Byen due to the shooting, including claims raised by DGI Byen’s guests, staff, renters or suppliers.

8. The signed permit must be presented upon request.

9. The permit does NOT exempt the media/production company from making any necessary special agreements with renters, musicians and other relevant actors or obtaining permissions from people featured in the footage in accordance with standard legal principles on the right of publicity.