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Not able to find the information you were looking for? See our FAQ box here, where we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also more than welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

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What office supplies are available in the meeting rooms at CPH Conference?

Notepads, pens, markers (4 colours), highlighters (4 colours), post-its, scissors, tape, Sticky Tac for sticking things to walls and place cards.

Can I play audio at CPH Conference?


Do you offer help connecting my devices at CPH Conference?

Our conference technician can help you get everything set up before the meeting and connect any devices you bring.

Can I hang up paper and posters up on the walls with tape at CPH Conference?

Please use the Sticky Tac included in the office supplies. Using tape is not allowed.

Is it possible to lock the room during our breaks at CPH Conference?

Yes. You lock the room with the keycard.

Are there electrical outlets/plug sockets available for my computer in the meeting room at CPH Conference?

Please order electrical outlets/plug sockets prior to your arrival.

How do I connect my computer to your equipment at CPH Conference?

All the meeting rooms have an HDMI plug, which you simply insert into your computer. If your computer requires a special converter, we recommend bringing one yourself to be on the safe side. Upon your arrival to the meeting room, a conference technician will be present to help you connect the computer.

Do you have a converter for my computer at CPH Conference that I can borrow?

We have a broad stock of converters, but it’s a good idea to bring your own.

Is WiFi available at CPH Conference?


We are a large party, and I may require a microphone.

For an additional charge, you can order a microphone for any meeting room at CPH Conference, no matter how big or small. Please order your microphone prior to your arrival.

How many people can Øksnehallen accommodate?

3400 people.

How much weight can the floor carry in Øksnehallen?

Per square metre: 1,500 kg, concentrated load (30x30cm): 750 kg.

What is the maximum allowable weight one can hang from the ceiling in Øksnehallen?

20 kg per running metre (assuming the weight is equally distributed).

How high is it to the ceiling in Øksnehallen?

4 metres, although it reaches up to 8 metres in the main ship, i.e. the middle section of the hall.

Can you use Øksnehallen’s trucks and forklifts?

No. For insurance liability reasons, only Øksnehallen’s staff are allowed to use our equipment. Additionally, diesel trucks and forklifts are also not allowed in the hall.

Are there any special rules for exhibiting and displaying vehicles in Øksnehallen?

Yes. Diesel-engine vehicles must have a completely full or completely empty tank. Petrol-engine vehicles must have no more than 5 litres of petrol in the tank. Additionally, fire extinguishers must be set up close by both types of vehicles.

How is Øksnehallen heated?

Øksnehallen has floor heating and radiators.

How is Øksnehallen cooled?

Cooling is only possible through ventilation, i.e. opening some of the skylights. Øksnehallen does not have any mechanical forms of ventilation or cooling.