Exhibitions in Øksnehallen

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Since 1996, Øksnehallen has been one of Copenhagen’s most iconic and central exhibition venues.

More than a century ago, the city architect Ludvig Fenger was tasked with the design and building of the Brown Meatpacking District (Den Brune Kødby), in which Øksnehallen opened in 1901 as a cattle auction hall with room for 1,600 cattle. The name Øksnehallen directly translates as ‘The Oxen Hall’. In 1984, it became a conservation area, and Øksnehallen became a natural focal point for cultural and artistic exhibitions during Copenhagen’s European City of Culture year in 1996.

Øksnehallen has been part of DGI Byen since 2005 and continues to be among the leading exhibition venues in Copenhagen. With a total floor space of 5,000 square metres and its truly unique architectural design, Øksnehallen has housed many major exhibitions across different genres and designs.

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We have specialised in bold, high-quality photography exhibitions with an international outlook since 2009. Øksnehallen continues to attract world-famous photographers, and we organise a new exhibition in the entire hall every summer.

In 2019, we presented the exhibition GRAFFITI - Copenhagen 1984-2019, which told the story of the Danish capital’s underground environment through the eyes of those who were - and remain - part of it.
Øksnehallen’s exhibitions and its popularity are not only due to the spectacular venue and its central location, but just as much due to the expertise of our staff and their experience with curating, developing, designing, building and running the exhibitions.

You can read more about Øksnehallen and our exhibitions in the publication Exhibitions in Øksnehallen 2009-2018 (PDF)