We move the city

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DGI Byen believes in active communities and personal hospitality.

We create spaces where people move each other, be it the ball court, meeting room or in front of the concert stage. We create moving experiences and activate our guests in social communities that generate energy, both physical and mental. Instead of just being a place to have a coffee break, you can instead take an art break at our cultural partner Fotografisk Center and in our large photography exhibitions in Øksnehallen. We are inquisitive, innovative and inclusive, and we are a place where parents, sports club members and businesspeople come together. That is because we believe that the best experiences are those created in the interaction between employees, visitors, clubs and companies that is unique to DGI Byen.

We focus on bringing out the diversity of human life, which means that we get involved in our relationships with guests, customers and stakeholders. We listen and co-create, but we also leave our own mark on the city. We are engaged in our local area of Vesterbro and the Meatpacking District, and we take responsibility for its development and growth. We are proactive and inquisitive, and we strive every day to live up to our goal to engage our guests through movement in its many forms.