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DGI Byen organises bold, high-quality art and cultural events with an international outlook, and we always have a wide range of photo exhibitions going on.

Photo exhibitions at DGI Byen include everything from body culture to water culture, food culture and everyday culture. You can get a complete overview of the many exhibitions you can find at DGI Byen in the calendar.

At Øksnehallen and Fotografisk Center, you can go see and participate in photography exhibitions, talks and workshops that dare to set an agenda and which have a national and international outlook.

In collaboration with our partner Fotografisk Center, we organise exhibitions featuring photography art. Our photography exhibitions challenge the viewer to think differently and gain new insights through unique content and design that invites them to engage actively with it in a co-creative process. The exhibitions fall within the space between the classic and unknown, the safe and bold.

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Fotografisk Center presents novel and narrow artistic photography in Bygning 55, while DGI Byen’s reception area houses universally human photographic tales. Additionally, Øksnehallen opens its doors every summer to the big exhibition of the year, featuring and discussing pop culture phenomena through a variety of technological art forms.

We feature photography art as well as journalistic photography that helps reveal aspects of current themes. We organise exhibitions with different photography genres such as street photography, fashion photography and cultural-historical photographic portraits of sub-cultures such as the graffiti and street art scene.
We also organise documentary-style or aesthetic exhibitions that focus on human challenges such as poverty, loneliness and disease or experiences with communities and nature. It is exhibitions such as these that set the agenda for our visitors.

Read more about the different exhibitions in our buildings on this page.

Welcome to DGI Byen

The map below shows the location of our facilities: DGI Byen, DGI Byen’s Café, Athletics Centre (Idrætshuset), Sports Centre (Sporthuset), Gymnastics Centre (Gymnastikhuset), Shooting Range (Skyttehuset), Meeting Centre (Forsamlingshuset), CPH Hotel, CPH Conference, CPH Bowling, Vestauranten, Cark Park, Building 55 and Øksnehallen. DGI Byen is located in the heart of Copenhagen, 50 metres from Copenhagen Central Station

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