Shooting practice at DGI Byen

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You can try shooting with pistols and rifles in the centre of Copenhagen.

Regardless of whether you are holding a corporate event, stag/hen party or something else entirely, a visit to our shooting range is a great opportunity to try something out of the ordinary. DGI Byen’s shooting range is 15 metres in length and suited for beginners as well as experienced firearms users. On the day of your booking, you will be required to provide a photo ID and read DGI’s safety rules. We also require all participants to be sober. The age limit for rifle shooting practice is 12, and children must be accompanied by an adult. The age limit for pistol shooting practice is 18. You can book a timeslot at our shooting range here.  Please note that a shooting practice session must be booked at least 14 days in advance.

The following are our most popular options for shooting practice at DGI Byen. All prices include an instructor and bullets.

Shooting practice at DGI Byen

Rifle shooting (22 calibre)

Duration: 50 minutes
10 people or more (max 20): DKK 240 per person

Pistol shooting (22 calibre)

Duration: 50 minutes
Five people or more: DKK 350 per person

Duration: 80 minutes
9-20 people: DKK 350 per person

Shooting practice with rifle and pistol (22 calibre)

Duration: 80 minutes
Five people or more: DKK 415 per person

Duration: 110 minutes
9-20 people: DKK 415 per person

Shooting practice deluxe with pistol (22 calibre and 9 mm)

Duration: 80 minutes
Five people or more (max 10): DKK 525 per person