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At DGI Byen, we believe that a good meeting is a memorable meeting. That is why we always go the extra mile to ensure that your meeting goes as well and smoothly as possible.

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With many years of experience holding meetings and conferences, DGI Byen and our facilities are the perfect choice for anyone looking to organise a meeting in the heart of Copenhagen. Whether your budget is limitless or minimal, we can ensure your meeting proceeds optimally with the right planning. That is why in the planning phase, it is crucial that you set expectations for the meeting both internally and externally and consider its purpose. You will of course be assisted by our professional meeting bookers during this phase.

For example, it is important to consider the seating arrangement for your meeting and how the furnishing can facilitate the purpose and content of the meeting. Depending on whether you are planning presentations, group work, keynote speakers or something else entirely, the seating arrangement ought to be suited to the purpose.


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No matter the purpose and content of your meeting, it is important that the attendees feel welcome, seen and heard and have the opportunity to get involved over the course of the day. Among other things, this requires that the attendees get the opportunity to have a few good breaks to stretch their legs, or perhaps even partake in an activity. For instance, you could play a few rounds of bowling at the bowling alley  or try one of our team activities.

Food, beverages and refreshments are also key to ensuring the attendees feel welcome and that you appreciate their attendance. You can rest assured that our excellent chefs will take care of all that for you over the course of the day.

DGI Byen’s professional team and modern facilities are guaranteed to create the perfect setting for organising a truly memorable meeting. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any enquiries or for advice on setting up a great meeting. We look forward to welcoming you.