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Frequently asked questions

Not able to find the information you were looking for? See our FAQ box here, where we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. You are also more than welcome to call or e-mail us with any questions you might have.

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Content, prices & duration of packages

You can view an overview of our prices and meeting packages here.

Renting a room without a meeting package

If our standard meeting package is not suited to your event, we would be happy to offer a customised solution. 

Opening hours

CPH Conference is open Monday - Friday from 7:30 until the last meeting ends, although no later than 21:00. If you would like to hold a meeting outside our opening hours and/or during the weekend, contact us to find out more.

What is included in the meeting package?

Our meeting packages include food and beverages, a plenary room and technological/AV equipment in the room (excluding microphones).

Minimum fee

​​​​​​During some periods, a minimum fee may apply for renting certain types of rooms. 

Added purchases & prices

It is possible to add additional tech equipment and food and beverages to your meeting package. Contact us to find out more. 

Group rooms

You have the option to rent a group room. The price of group rooms varies depending on their size. We always try to ensure that your group room(s) are located as close as possible to your plenary room.

Common areas

CPH Conference’s premises are bright and spacious. We have comfortable common areas on every floor with sofa groups and work desks.

Technology in the room

​​​​​​View our room overview.

Natural lighting

All of CPH Conference’s rooms have windows facing Tietgensgade or Kvægtorvsgade. Our Auditorium receives natural daylight in one half but not the other.

Video conferencing

We do not offer video conferencing in our standard packages, but it is possible to purchase video conferencing technology for an additional fee. It is important that you account for incoming and outgoing audio as well as the internet connection on both ends of the conference call.

Allocation of rooms

We are unable to guarantee a specific room unless the demand matches the minimum fee for the room, but naturally, we always do our utmost to accommodate requests for specific rooms. We reserve the right to change the room, you have booked.

Room locations

View our room overview .

Meeting supplies in the room

​​​​​​Notebooks, pens, Sticky Tack, Post-Its, whiteboard, flipover with markers. 


Please inform us of any allergies among your party and other dietary considerations so that we can accommodate them as best as possible. Click here for an overview of which allergies we can accommodate

Standard food and beverages

Coffee/tea/water/fruit in the common area. Morning and afternoon food and beverages served in our common area. Lunch is served on the 4th floor in CPH Conference or at our restaurant across from CPH Conference.

Food and beverages in rooms

You have the option to have food and beverages delivered directly to your meeting room for an additional fee. The fee is an additional DKK 50 per person on top of the fee for food and beverages.

Are we allowed to bring our own food and beverages?

No. We can make dispensations in exceptional circumstances, in which case a relinquishing fee would have to be paid. Contact us to find out more.

Overnight stays in connection with a conference/meeting

We offer overnight accommodation at our three-star CPH Hotel , located right across from CPH Conference. Contact us for prices and more information.

Do you offer corporate agreements?

Corporate agreements are possible with CPH Hotel and CPH Conference at DGI Byen.

Can you make bookings via the Danish State Procurement Programme?

DGI Byen is part of the so-called SKI-agreement , and you can make your booking via that agreement if your company falls under the SKI agreement.