Parking at DGI Byen

Contact Information

Customer Care

+45 7023 1331

Hotline (in case of problems with the app, parking creation and other emergency cases)
+45 4526 7690

192 parking spaces are available in DGI Byen’s car park, which is centrally located by Copenhagen Central Station (enter from Ingerslevsgade, 1704 Copenhagen). 32 additional parking spaces are available in the area between CPH Conference and CPH Hotel (enter from Tietgensgade, 1704 Copenhagen). Both areas are open to parking 24/7.

APCOA PARKING administrates DGI Byen’s parking areas. Parking is allowed with a valid parking permit or for a fee.

License Plate Recognition in the Parking Garage

As of April 10th, 2024, license plate recognition has been implemented at both the entry and exit points. With a properly set up Apcoa Flow app, parking will automatically start and stop when entering and exiting, and the parking fee will be automatically charged within the app. It will also be possible to pay for parking on Apcoa Flow no later than 48 hours after leaving the parking space.

Payment with EasyPark requires manually starting the parking session in the EasyPark app after the car is parked. Upon exit, the parking session will end and be automatically charged.

For those without a parking app, it will be possible to make a QR code payment for parking just before leaving the parking garage. QR code payment replaces payment at the machine. Signs will be posted with the QR code that needs to be used.

Download EasyPark here  
Download APCOA FLOW here  

Outdoor parking area
Please note that a new area code has been added to our outdoor parking area at Kvægtorvsgade (between CPH Conference and the swimming center entrance). Use your parking app to start parking.

Payment via APCOA FLOW: DKK 44/hour
Payment via EasyPark: DKK 44/hour

Electric cars - here you can charge your electric car:
On level -2, you will find several E:on charging stations. If you have an E:on
subscription, you can simply start charging. Alternatively, you can pay for charging directly at the station using your mobile phone.

Parking agreements
If you wish to rent a parking space for a longer period at DGI Byen’s parking facilities, please contact APCOA PARKING’s customer support service at . Please enter “Rent spot 4061, DGI Byen” in the subject header. You can also contact APCOA PARKING customer service at +45 7021 1331

Need help using APCOA Flow?
Telephone: +45 45 26 76 90

Need help using EasyPark?
Telephone: +45 70 22 12 08

Welcome to DGI Byen

The map below shows the location of our facilities: DGI Byen, DGI Byen’s Café, Athletics Centre (Idrætshuset), Sports Centre (Sporthuset), Gymnastics Centre (Gymnastikhuset), Shooting Range (Skyttehuset), Meeting Centre (Forsamlingshuset), CPH Hotel, CPH Conference, CPH Bowling, Vestauranten, Cark Park, Building 55 and Øksnehallen. DGI Byen is located in the heart of Copenhagen, 50 metres from Copenhagen Central Station

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