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As a guest at CPH Hotel, you are surrounded by all the best the city of Copenhagen has to offer. You are always welcome to ask our staff for helpful advice and recommendations on excursions and experiences to be had in the city.

If you need a bit of inspiration, you could look into any of the following:

The mandatory parts

Copenhagen is home to a huge amount of tourist attractions such as the more than a century old amusement park Tivoli (Tivoli), located just five minutes away on foot from CPH Hotel. Copenhagen also has enough sights and attractions to warrant a long stay in the city, and if you have never visited Copenhagen before, it’s practically mandatory to drop by the famous statue of The Little Mermaid (The Little Mermaid), Amalienborg Palace (Amalienborg Palace) - home of the Danish Royal Family - and The Round Tower (The Round Tower), one of Copenhagen’s most famous landmarks.


You should also consider taking a trip to classic Copenhagen destinations such as the freetown of Christiania (Christiania), the National Museum of Denmark (National Museum of Denmark), the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens museum for kunst), the Copenhagen Zoo (Copenhagen Zoo) or the Glyptotek (the Glyptotek) with its beautiful exhibitions featuring classic works of art. If you have several days to spare, you could also take the train to Elsinore and visit Kronborg Castle (Kronborg Castle), the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Museums and exhibition venues

If you are looking for a different kind of museum experience, you could visit the National Aquarium Denmark (National Aquarium Denmark), which is the largest aquarium in Northern Europe, with over seven million litres of water and a host of fascinating aquatic creatures and environments. You can also visit the Experimentarium (Experimentarium), where you can create your own inventions and try your hand at science, or the Planetarium (Planetarium) to learn more about astronomy and space research.

If you are interested in architecture and/or design, you ought to drop by the Danish Architecture Center (Danish Architecture Center) or Danish Design Center (Danish Design Center), both of which are located in the building BLOX (BLOX), which warrants a visit on its own merit. You can learn more about the history of Copenhagen at the Museum of Copenhagen (Museum of Copenhagen) or roam among the sculptures of the Danish Golden Age sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen at the Thorvaldsen Museum (Thorvaldsen Museum).

Beaches and swimming

If the sun’s out and you feel like going for a swim, you have quite a few places to choose from in Copenhagen. For instance, you could visit the big Amager Beach Park (Amager Beach Park), where you can go for a swim in the Sound or rent pedalos or sea kayaks. You can also go swimming in the Copenhagen harbour baths at Islands Brygge (Harbour Baths). Everyone is free to use the harbour baths during the summer.


You can go shopping on Strøget (Strøget), Copenhagen’s biggest shopping street with famous brand products from Danish and international designers, but be sure to also explore the side streets and Copenhagen’s other districts, each of which have their own unique atmosphere and shopping experience.

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