Own food in DGI Byen

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+45 3329 8080
Monday - Thursday 
09.00 - 16.00
09.00 - 15.30

You are allowed to bring your own sandwiches and regular homemade packed lunches to DGI Byen. However, the facilities for this is in our large foyer area by the main entrance. Here, you can enjoy your own packed lunch at any time. We remind you that catering for groups is not allowed.

The café area is for guests purchasing food and drinks in DGI Byen. If you wish to host a child's birthday party or another event serving cakes, share food and drinks in DGI Byen, please contact our staff in the café or call this number +45 33298080 to inquire about your options. 

Please clean up after yourself, so the next guest also can enjoy their packed lunch in a pleasant environment.

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