Exhibitions at DGI Byen

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Since 1996, Øksnehallen has been one of Copenhagen’s most iconic and central exhibition venues.

Already at the main entrance, you will find the first of our photography exhibitions, which elegantly focuses on movement and sustainability. Our photography exhibition featuring underwater photography is, unsurprisingly, located in our Swim Centre. Our partner Fotografisk Center is based in Bygning 55, Staldgade 16, and holds groundbreaking exhibitions and artistic events all year round.

Every summer in Øksnehallen, DGI Byen presents its grand annual exhibition, which is curated and run by DGI Byen’s in-house team.

We are always interested in breaking new ground with emerging cultural and artistic trends, which is why we encourage dialogue about the artist’s role in DGI Byen and society in general. If you have any suggestions for future photography exhibitions, the Øksnehallen summer exhibition or something else entirely, you are always welcome to contact us . We look forward to hearing from you.

2015 Surface_ØH2.jpg 2015 Surface_ØH2.jpg SURFACE ART WALK på Vesterbo_en del af sommerudstilling 2015 produceret af DGI Byen_Foto Daniel Rasmussen.jpg SURFACE ART WALK på Vesterbo_en del af sommerudstilling 2015 produceret af DGI Byen_Foto Daniel Rasmussen.jpg

Permanent art at DGI Byen

Form and movement - sculptures by sculptor Keld Moseholm.

Since 2006, DGI Byen’s visitors have had the opportunity to explore the sculptor Keld Moseholm’s naturalistic and entertaining sculptures of small and plump men and women that catch the eye as you walk through DGI Byen. The works depict humanity with a great deal of humour and insight into human existence and the often difficult balancing acts we find ourselves in.
Moseholm’s works are known and treasured for their straightforward yet quirky appearances, which often surprise through the particular way they combine humour, gravity and simplicity with the irrational.
Moseholm works with surface, rhythm, motion and the balance between gravity and lightness, and it’s hard not to smile when you come across one of his plump men and women.

Keld Moseholm on the sculptures:

”I want to be in a dialogue with my surroundings, and I want to give the many visitors to DGI Byen a different experience of the courtyard space and garden. Each sculpture is a story about motion, balance and calm”.

Keld Moseholm was born in 1936 and made his artistic debut in 1961. His works are featured at several museums, and he has also sculpted a great many adornments for clients abroad as well as in Denmark. Read more here.