DGI Byen’s café

Opening Hours

DGI Byen café:

Normal opening hours
Monday to Friday
Open from 09:00 - 19:00
Saturday and Sunday
Open from 10:00 - 17:00 

​​​​​​​​For special opening hours, e.g. Easter, Christmas and New Year, click here.

Contact Information


+45 3329 8020

Whether you are visiting DGI Byen for an event or experience or simply just passing through, you can always drop by our cosy café to enjoy a nice meal, beverage or snack in a calm setting.

Beverages prices

Our café offers different cold and hot beverages.

Cold beverages:
Water: DKK 15 
Soda/sparkling water can: DKK 20
Soda/sparkling water bottle: DKK 25
Beer: DKK 30
Juice: DKK 15 (2 for DKK 25)
Matilde kakao: DKK 15 (2 for DKK 25)
My Smoothie: DKK 25

Hot beverages:
Filter coffee normal/large: DKK 19 / DKK 25 
Tea: DKK 19
Espresso: DKK 25
Americano normal/large: DKK 30 / DKK 35 
Speciel coffee normal/large: DKK 35 /DKK 39 
Hot chocolate normal/large: DKK 35 / DKK 39 

Food prices

Our café offers different cold and hot food 

Cold food: 
Fresh fruit: DKK 7 
Rye bread bun with chocolate: DKK 15 (2 for DKK 25)
Croissant: DKK 19 
Cookie: DKK 19
Home baked cake: DKK 19 
Yogurt with muesli (yoggi): DKK 20 
Caesar salad: DKK 45
Morning bun with butter and cheese: DKK 25  
Wraps with chicken: DKK 39
Sandwich: DKK 39 

Hot food: 
Panini (chicken / vegetarian): DKK 38  
Toast with ham and cheese: DKK 29  
Hotdog: DKK 15 (2 for DKK 25)

Our café does also offer a lot of different snacks, ice creams and candies.

Have a look at the café menu here.

From 1st April it's no longer possible to bring your own food & beverages to DGI Byens café area. The café has recently been renovated and we have replaced the area for your own food & beverages to another place in the foyer. 

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