We are Green Key certified

In January 2021, DGI Byen was certified as a Green Key member through HORESTA. The membership places great demands on us as a company, to become even more aware of everything from waste sorting, sustainable suppliers to environmentally conscious choices of consumer products, energy sources and much more.

We ensure that movement and sustainability go hand in hand

In DGI Byen, there is movement for the head, heart and feet. We have opportunities for development that promote people’s well-being. With environmentally safe care and competent employees, we hope to be an inspiration to all of those that use our city.
Initially, we focus on areas with high traffic from guests. In our conference centre, our hotel and not least in our large venue Øksnehallen (Ox hall), we have put our all into a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach with all the resources that we have.

Focus on CO2 footprint
We set requirements for our suppliers in everything from cleaning, use of chemicals to food deliveries, food waste and to the maintenance of buildings and purchases of all kinds of consumer goods. Everything matters. Read more about criteria, etc. at Green Key 

When choosing your next meeting space

By choosing a Green Key company, you are already making an effort to improve the environment and send a visible signal to those around you that you are taking environmentally responsibility.
Many companies, organizations and public authorities prioritises the environment when choosing a place to stay overnight or to hold a conference, course or meeting space. The sustainably choice makes sense, gives you a nice feeling and an even nicer image. Below you will find some efforts on what we have to offer when choosing us. Read more

Read more about our efforts for better sustainability here.

Our green CPH Hotel

When you stay at an ecolabel hotel, for example with Green Key certification, you are guaranteed that the place is obliged to make an effort to take care of the environment. If you choose CPH Hotel, you are automatically helping to protect the environment because we live up to Green Key’s strict environment al requirements.

You are guaranteed that the hotel makes an effort to save water and energy, the organic ingredients is being served as far as possible and that cleaning products are ecolabel.

In the non-smoking rooms, we provide you guidance in terms of reusing your towel and using our waste sorting in the best way possible.

Our green CPH Conference

When you arrange meetings, courses and conferences with us, you can make the event greener without it costing extra or without compromising the quality. We make it easy for you by having an ecolabel like Green Key.

So, the first step has already been taken by booking your event through us. As a Green Key company, we live up to strict environmental requirements and make it easier for you to take care of the environment without compromising your experience or comfort.

 - We minimize our paper consumption – guide to recycling in our rooms
 - We save on electricity – turn off and on when you leave our rooms
 - We sort waste in the common areas and in our rooms
 - We only use Nordic Ecolabel and degradable disposable packaging
 - We primarilyserve tab water instead of spring water in plastic bottles unless our customers wish for water with a logo

Initiatives that make the meeting-life a little greener
If you want tips for arranging a greener meeting or event, you can read more on Green Key’s own website. Read more

Our green suppliers

As a result of our sustainable focus, we make demands on all of our suppliers. Therefore, we are now, and in the future, ensuring that our consumer goods are, as far as possible, marked with the correct information symbolism, just as our suppliers themselves are environmentally certified.

Already in 2018, DGI Byen also took a step towards implementing more sustainable energy consumption in collaboration with the energy fond SustainSolutions. SustainSolutions still streamlines DGI Byen’s energy consumption and gives us considerable CO2 savings. DGI Byen’s guests can now enjoy a healthier indoor climate and take hot showers with a clear conscience. The renovation has among other offered LED lighting and new ventilation and energy systems that are expected to save more than 100 tonnes of CO2 annually.