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17. - 19.08 Human Rights Forum, Øksnehallen

The Human Rights Conference will be "the LGBTI+ conference to be" in 2021. Our goal is to include all representations under the LGBTI+-acronym in the program and to be highly aware of intersectionality in our planning. This includes representation in relation to for example geography, racialization, ethnicity, age, gender, functional diversity, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, religion. The Human Rights Conference is organized in close cooperation with our 13 executive partners. Read more
Tickets: 130€ per ticket

16. - 21.08 Democracy Festival, Kvægtorvet

Inspired by the Scandinavian model of ‘Folkemøde’, 1:1 Democracy Festival will open five days of events as part of the Human Rights Forum.
The 1:1 Democracy Festival aims to bring together politicians, activists and members of the general public in an informal and open setting to create a space for awareness and an understanding of issues and challenges faced by different (intersectional) minorities around the world. On the square we will discuss LGBTI+ inclusion but will also create spaces for a broader discussion on inclusion and anti-discrimination.

The 1:1 Democracy Festival will give participants to the other events the chance to interact with local and international activists and visitors of the square in a less formal setting.
Tickets: FREE

18.08 Workplace inclusion day, Øksnehallen

According to the World Health Organisation, people spend one-third of their lives at work. But if people cannot be themselves at work, they are less productive, less effective and ultimately less fulfilled personally. This is even more the case for LGBTI+ people who often have to hide their true identities due to legal or cultural obstacles.

The LGBTI+ Workplace Inclusion Day, taking place within the space of the Human Rights Conference of Copenhagen 2021, will focus on how to create workplaces where everyone can be themselves. It will cover all sides of the story from creating supporting structures within organisations to corporate advocacy that can impact LGBTI+ non-friendly legislation through plenary sessions, ‘town halls’ and breakout sessions.
Ticket: General fee: DKK1,500 (approx €200) 

16. - 17.08 Sportsleader Conference in CPH Conference

The Sports Leader Conference will strengthen the capacity for LGBTI+ sports clubs in Europe, and promote the inclusion of LGBTI+ athletes in mainstream clubs by promoting strategies for inclusion and highlighting some of the barriers faced by LGBTI+ athletes. The Conference will include keynote speakers and open panel discussions.
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Tickets: Conference fee for EGLSF member: €89
Conference fee for non-EGLSF member: €109

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Foto credits: Kelly Hansen og Andreas Paulsson